How It Began

We’re on a mission to change the perception of “HOA” from naughty to nice! In 2003, we began writing custom newsletters for HOA communities. New homeowners enjoyed learning tips about maintaining their home, and those new to living in a deed restricted community appreciated informative articles on what that meant for them. Through word of mouth, more HOA communities and property management companies asked us to write newsletters for them.

Soon after, we realized the benefits of creating an HOA website where residents could get community info online, including their HOA newsletters. So we partnered with an HOA website and software company to set up and maintain HOA websites. We also partnered with a property management company and created over a dozen websites for their HOA communities while we continued to write custom HOA newsletters.

In recent years, property management companies have started to offer community websites to their clients. This created additional workload and costs for them, which were added into their management contracts. While many HOA communities appreciated this added benefit, they also learned when they wanted to switch HOA property management companies, their website didn’t belong to them. It would be taken down by the property management company when they left. It’s why we often recommend HOA communities maintain their own HOA website so their content and connection to their community never falters.

With over 20 years as an HOA board member, our founder loves working with HOA board members, guiding them on best practice principles and examples. Each community is unique, and yet there’s a common thread throughout – a desire to volunteer, to make your neighborhood an attractive and safe place, and a willingness to make decisions that impact the lives of your neighbors.

We’d love to chat with you about your HOA website and communication needs for your community. Email us today at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to answer your questions, offer ideas, and get you started on your journey to improve communication in your community.