Our property management company was growing and we simply didn’t have the time to set up all the details needed on our website. Kim was instrumental in gathering all our documents and sorting them into an organized layout on our new website. She followed up by email regularly to keep the process moving along, even when we got busy with other things. Having her help set up our website and provide suggestions on what pages and content were beneficial was exactly what we needed. We highly recommend her services for HOA website set up and ongoing document updates.

M. Castro

Property Manager

We are on our second e-newsletter with Kim Ruiz for our company, Four Seasons of Angel Fire. She has a way with words and is very responsive to ideas coming from us. I make sure that she has enough content and she does the rest. She will incorporate anything from area videos to local articles from our newspaper. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

M. Stille

Four Season of Angel Fire

For the Newington Heights HOA, it has been a marriage made in heaven, simply speaking. All of the positive categories you can create in your mind is what Kim's company, HOA Innovations, represents. We are so happy to have her manage our website and it's done with the greatest care and concern for our needs.

B. McCalip

Newington Heights HOA Board Member

About a year ago, our board decided to create a bi-monthly newsletter for our homeowners. Kim took a few simple paragraphs of information about our community and created the template, the newsletter with graphics and a design that really looked great! Our community is happy to have a regular, professional looking newsletter that our residents can appreciate at a very reasonable cost.

R. Keystone

Townhome HOA Community

When given different options, a large number of the HOA’s our company works with have chosen Kim Ruiz to set up and maintain their community websites. Kim works very closely with the clients to adapt the site to fit their individual community needs. The sites look great and updates and questions are always addressed in a pleasant and timely manner. I also recommend using Kim Ruiz for community newsletters. Kim does a great job for a great price!

G. Holmes

McNeil Management Services, Inc.

Kim Ruiz has been an amazing contributor to our communications. She has managed to be detailed as well as very professional about everything she has taken on for our community. Her talents have been used for our newsletters that she creates, our website that she set up, and the construction of letters in response to owners. We as a community are very fortunate to have her available for our needs.

J. Gilblair

HOA Board Member

Kim has been a valuable resource to our growing property management company. She has impressed us with her creativity in taking otherwise “dull material” and making it interesting and useful to others. She willingly took on the task of organizing and writing our new website copy, quickly created newsletters for our communities, and has impressed us with her quick turnaround on any writing project. Kim is always professional and courteous in her work.

P. Pinner

HOA Property Management Company